My git-based Ubuntu package merge workflow

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Tue Aug 5 13:31:03 UTC 2014

Hello Robie,

thanks for the writeup! I'm in a similar situation with the systemd
package which had quite an enormous delta, and even after some huge
efforts of cleaning it up and moving stuff to Debian it's still quite

Robie Basak [2014-08-04 17:17 +0100]:
> 2. Break down the Ubuntu revisions into constituent logical parts

That's indeed the main essence of this: the key to understanding
which changes belong together, the thing to forward to Debian, and the
stack of things to run "rebase -i" on.

When systemd moved to being maintained using git-buildpackage in
Debian, I asked to become a committer and maintain an "ubuntu" branch
on top of Debian's "master". I did pretty much the exercise you
mentioned, of picking apart our delta and applying it one by one. Now
having them in the Debian git repo allows me to permanently keep those
individual commits. I can cherry-pick in both directions and merge or
rebase (as appropriate) with Debian very easily.

If you maintain a package which already is in git in Debian, I warmly
recommend that instead, as locally maintained git branches/patches
tend to get lost or outdated.



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