Introducing sbuild-launchpad-chroot

Stéphane Graber stgraber at
Mon Oct 21 14:31:20 UTC 2013

Hey everyone,

With trusty now open, I uploaded a tool I've been using for a few months now.

It's called sbuild-launchpad-chroot and pretty much does exactly what
the name says.

The package contains 3 things:
 - 1 tool to create/update/delete sbuild chroots
 - 1 schroot hook to update the chroot at the beginning of a build
 - 1 schroot hook to generate the right sources.list for the build

That last hook was written by Andy Whitcroft and some of you may already
be using it.

With the package installed, you can then do:
 sudo sbuild-launchpad-chroot create -n trusty-amd64-sbuild -s trusty -a amd64

This will define a new chroot in schroot called trusty-amd64-sbuild, set
some extra launchpad.* options for the series and architecture on
Launchpad, donwload the current Launchpad chroot and also setup the
following aliases:
 - trusty-security-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-security+main-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-security+restricted-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-security+universe-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-security+multiverse-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-updates-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-updates+main-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-updates+restricted-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-updates+universe-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-updates+multiverse-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-proposed-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-proposed+main-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-proposed+restricted-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-proposed+universe-amd64-sbuild
 - trusty-proposed+multiverse-amd64-sbuild

Once done, you can then trigger a build with something like:
 sbuild --dist=trusty --arch=amd64 -c trusty-proposed+restricted-amd64-sbuild <dsc>

This will print the following:
 I: 01launchpad-chroot: [trusty-amd64-sbuild] Processing config
 I: 01launchpad-chroot: [trusty-amd64-sbuild] Already up to date.
 I: 90apt-sources: setting apt pockets to 'release security updates proposed' in sources.list
 I: 90apt-sources: setting apt components to 'main restricted' in sources.list

Confirming that the hook has checked the chroot currently matches with
what Launchpad uses and telling you that the sources.list in the build
environment contains all the pockets (but backports) and the main and
restricted components.

In theory the only noticable difference between a build environment
created by sbuild-launchpad-chroot and the real thing is that you'll
have internet connectivity from inside the chroot (but I'm working on
also emulating that part of the LP build environment) and that you'll be
running with a newer version of sbuild than what's used on the real

Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer
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