Should we change memtest to use elf binary?

Loïc Minier loic.minier at
Thu Nov 14 09:54:05 UTC 2013

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013, Dave Chiluk wrote:
> Basically the current way we run memtest breaks on machines with very
> little low memory.  The proposed solution is to use the memtest elf
> binary instead and load it into high memory.  Can I please get some more
> eyes on this bug before I attempt to push harder on this?

I've commented on the bug, but basically: I've tested the change on a
problematic machine, and it worked for me.  At some point I was running
the multiboot version of memtest, but that didn't work anymore since a
couple of releases.

> Also should we commit this change just into development or should we SRU
> this back into earlier releases?

I don't think it's too useful to SRU; people can boot recent
installation media to run memtest from USB stick as a workaround to the
locally installed one being broken.  It might be possible to trigger a
memtest from a remove serial console, but I guess the most common use
case is to locally start it when investigating a hardware issue, or when
installing new hardware.

Loïc Minier

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