patch pilot report 2013-05-16

Sebastien Bacher sebastien.bacher at
Thu May 16 19:44:44 UTC 2013


The summary of my pilot day, started with 65 items in the queue, down to 
50 at the end of my shift:
request to upload the saucy version of that package to old series 
because it fixes quite some issues, that doesn't seem a valid SRU 
candidate though, suggested to consider backports instead
fixed some issues with the merge proposed and uploaded, set the merge as 
"work in progress" since I don't seem to be able to reject it
was already reviewed with a list of things to fix, unsubscribed sponsors 
with a comment asking to subscribe the team back once the package is 
updated to fix the issues pointed in the first review
was already uploaded, set as merged
rebased to the new debian version uploaded yesterday and uploaded
tested the patch, added some comments about changes needed
the new version was synced from debian, set as merged (not really true 
but the only other option is "work in progress")
vfsftp broken because "Kernel autid system prohibits the processes 
created with CLONE_NEWPID". The patch comes from opensuse, check with 
the security team if that seems ok to them and uploaded to saucy and raring
requested some infos
was uploaded, asked on IRC to get set to merged
commented to ask more infos, slangasek reviewed it and marked approved 
but while pointing that the change is probably wrong ...

Sebastien Bacher

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