App installer design: click packages

Alex M 0xf777 at
Tue May 14 21:43:21 UTC 2013

I would like to introduce some additional thoughts about some possible
useful features of new package manager.

Idea: autorun application after install with information about path
where it was executed.

Let's assume we want to install some application with large additional
downloads, for example we want to install *some digital games
distribution system* SDGDS ;). Suppose, new manager packages with
extension *.upk (Ubuntu package). We have DVD with game on it (mounted
to /media/NewGame2013) and Setup_NewGame2013.upk. User run this *.upk
with single click/touch and then this package gets installed, it
contains our SDGS, not a game. If we already have SDGDS - it's updated
or not, depends on version.

Just right after user clicked *.upk, package manager attempts (if
there are such option in declarative meta-info inside upk) to run this
software with path /media/NewGame2013 as an argument. Thus our SDGDS
gets information that we have media with some useful content (game)
and begin to install it into special path, which is granted by
declarative meta-info of upk. User always gets simple always-ready

let's imagine, we can deploy ZeroInstall and many other thing instead
supposed SDGDS (ok, let's call it Steam), and it will install it's
additional contents into special limited (by meta-info) path or
somehow else specified paths...

Such approach we can see in some proprietary OS, where is has some
installer and every installation begin with checking it's version,
then update, then software get's selected (components) and finally

Colin, what do you think about this? Just some meta-option in package
and software runs with path of place where it's attempted to be

Sorry for my english, I can describe this in other words if you think
this idea reasonable.

Excuse me for my previous post, it was too emotional...

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