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Ian Weisser ian-weisser at
Wed May 15 18:44:07 UTC 2013

Brainstorm's original intent was to facilitate communication between
users and developers. Any new code resulting would be a bonus. When
trying to measure effectiveness, please ensure the metric is

Did it work? Not really, by my metrics, for a couple of reasons that do
not seem worth discussing right now. But few other method of
facilitating communication seem to have worked well either. Similar
community flare-ups to the 2008 that spurred Brainstorm also occurred,
if I recall correctly, in 2011 and 2012.

In a useful discussion of sunsetting, remember to look at what
Brainstorm does well, and what should be preserved or moved to a
different venue:

For example, 
- Brainstorm is one of the places users trying to get involved discover
first (recruiting opportunities)
- Brainstorm gets a good read on the current top rumors and FUD
(immediate communication needs)

Since much of what Brainstorm actually does is community-oriented (not
developer-oriented), the Community Council should probably be part of
the discussion.

Ian Weisser (Cheesehead)
Brainstorm Admin

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