Moving Ubuntu SDK Plugin out of the QtCreator source package

Sergey Shambir at
Wed May 15 06:10:53 UTC 2013

Just some notes:
1. Any header in QtCreator sources is API (more precisely, any 
class/function exported with macro PLUGINNAME_EXPORT). Any API can be 
changed in minor or patch-level versions.
2. Thus, QtCreator designed to provide vendor-specific bundles with 
defined set of plugins. Examples are: Mer SDK (will be merged to 
upstream in version 2.9), Necessitas SDK (now merged to upstream), KDAB 
version of QtCreator. But debian package manager can safely break this 
scheme, if plugin dependecy is exact version of QtCreator, with minor 
and patch level.
3. Once qtcreator-dev package will be created, it will be possible to 
package 3rd-party plugins in ppa. Currently user should build 3rd-party 
plugin manually on any OS, or use prebuilt version for exact QtCreator 
version and platform.
4. Despite that plugins gallery have ~20 3rd-party plugins, most of them 
are outdated, unmaintained and have unfinished feature set. I know 2 
finished plugins and 2 are under active development in separate branch 
of qt-project repository.

15.05.2013 07:32, Scott Kitterman пишет:
> Although I didn't really explore the details, I understand that currently the
> Ubuntu SDK QtCreator plugin has to have access to the QtCreator source to
> build and that's why it is a patch in the qtcreator source package.
> Currently that is our only diff with upstream and Debian.  During this cycle,
> could that be moved to it's own package?
> Scott K

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