Some status of ubuntu-touch stack into daily release and recent change

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Tue May 14 15:22:24 UTC 2013

Hey Didier,

Thanks for the update, it's useful.

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 04:22:31PM +0200, Didier Roche wrote:
> Hey guys,
> […]
> You can see what successfully passed at least once at
> You can see what's as been tested on
> So basically "daily-build-next" packages minus "next" packages is
> telling you what never passed the tests ;) (there is also some other
> bootstrap packages in daily-build-next like Qt, telepathy-*,
> libhybris that are there just so we can build the packages until
> they are into distro).

I understand that things aren't releasing into saucy at the minute, but
into the "next" PPA instead. Is that right? Do you know when it might be
re-enabled and what the blockers are?

> […]
> 4. Changes to how we generate debian/changelog.
> After some discussion with the ubuntu release team and the touch
> team, we decided to finally list all the commits from the mainline
> branch automatically in debian/changelog instead of just listing
> bugs number and their titles linked to branches. This mainly comes
> from the raring release cycle feedback where we saw quite some empty
> changelog where no bugs were linked to any branch merged to mainline
> and nobody entered anything in debian/changelog.

Hmm, it was my understanding that we were going to do this (at least
where possible, in preference to individual commits) at the merge
proposal level instead — these usually have a commit message attached to
them and describe changes at a more coarse-grained level than the
individual commit in a manner which, to me at least, is more suitable
for the Debian changelog. I also then don't have to think about the fact
that every commit will end up in d/changelog.

Anyway I can totally understand that you probably don't want to revisit
all of this again, so let me end by saying that this is a big
improvement on what we had before and I think it'll make me a happier
reviewer and consumer. We can revisit the MP thing in time, if


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