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Sun May 12 15:20:51 UTC 2013

 <mailto:cjwatson at> Hi,

 <mailto:cjwatson at> I'm independent programmer not very
connected over few years with Open Source software (like earlier). Your
information about Click packages was cited in various IT portals and I have
few comments:


First - some time ago I was thinking about something similar, but it wasn't
accepted by admins:


Second - I think, it would be nice to consider such scenario: there are left
possibilities of installing current software and "new" format is built on
top of it (like you propose), but it's a little more mature and during
installation user is informed about few things:


1.      Firewall network rules required by application (if application will
try to get more after installation, system won't allow for it)

2.      Task scheduler tasks (what will be run in cyclic manner and what
will be run for example during system startup)

3.      Permissions required by application (similar like in Android - for
example access to concrete devices like GPS or Bluetooth)


Later after installation it's possible to check it and revoke some of them
(make them disabled). Format should allow for such things like providing
kernel modules or access to concrete USB devices (it will allow for making
for example players for concrete TV tuners)


I was thinking also about limiting access for files by format (like in
Windows) and user directories (in easy way - for details please refer to, but in Linux distribution it
won't be probably possible. For now I think too, that there should be
resolved problem of temp files (but rather on higher OS level) - OS should
have ability of easy making RAM Disk for temp directory and temp files
(separated of course) from Click apps should go there too.






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