Unity APIs weekly (wk 19)

Thomas Strehl thomas.strehl at canonical.com
Mon May 13 10:03:09 UTC 2013



- Creation of missing scope previews
- After fixing more bugs and integration issues quality is now good for
inclusion into s, targeted for beginning of this week


- Started on porting datetime indicator to new architecture and added tests
- More work on shim layer enabling newly ported indicators to show up in
Unity 7 shell (nux based shell)


- Fixed breakage in voice input since phablet move to Raring
- Added context support to HUD service
- Implemented rest of predefined actions: fullscreen, help, settings and


- Completed backend implementation of new notification architecture,
test coverage still to be increased


- Infographics API almost complete (multi user support still missing)
- Merged new LightDM API branch with info graphics and integrated
everything in regular phablet shell (prototype works)
- Helped out fixing some infographics UI issues related to layout,
animations and stability


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