second raring ringtail test rebuild

Matthias Klose doko at
Sat Mar 30 07:37:31 UTC 2013

A second test rebuild of raring ringtail was started yesterday for the amd64,
i386 and armhf architectures. Currently running, and with mostly idle buildds
over easter and the current freeze it will hopefully finish within ten days.

Results can be seen at

The archive for the test rebuild is

Some common build failures are:

 - underlinking: symbols used in linked object files, which formerly
   were resolved by linked libraries. The fix almost always is to add
   the library (mentioned in the error message) to the link command.

 - Tcl/Tk migration to multiarch locations. For autoconf based packages
   it should be enough to adjust the configure arguments for the Tcl/Tk
   libraries. The location for the header files didn't change.

 - eglibc-2.17 changes: -Werror=unused-result used together with -Werror.

 - Some glib/gtk/dbus related build and test failures, however there is
   no common pattern yet.

Please help fixing the build failures for the final release.


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