Anyone want to bring their expert knowledge of Ubuntu/Debian packaging to Manchester, UK on 21st April?

Chris Wilson notgary at
Mon Mar 25 15:35:00 UTC 2013

Hey there,

UCubed, the Manchester-based Ubuntu unconference, will be held on Sunday
21st April in Manchester City Centre, and we're looking for someone to come
along for a few hours and give a class/workshop on maintaining the Ubuntu

We're looking to provide some classes and workshops on the various ways you
can contribute to the development of Ubuntu, and we're looking for someone
to cover packaging.

If you'd like to help out, then you should expect to speak for 1-2 hours,
and since this is a very hands-on topic, you would need to provide a
relatively easy packaging task, reflecting some sort of real world Ubuntu
task instead of a "hello world" type task, that yo'd be confident in
helping people work through.

We can't really offer you much in the way of compensation since this is a
community-run event, though I will buy you a drink afterwards for your
trouble :)

Please let me know if anyone's interested in this.

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