Patch pilot report (2013-03-25)

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Mar 25 11:38:43 UTC 2013

I reduced the queue from 45 to 30 during my shift today. Notes:

various syncs (#1159569, #1159566, #1159542)
network-manager-applet (#965895): upload
ureadahead (#969926): upload
lp:~vibhavp/ubuntu/raring/thoggen/fix-format-string-warning: needs fixing, give instructions
lp:~mitya57/ubuntu/raring/python-pip/scripts-and-manpages: upload
lp:~mitya57/ubuntu/raring/blktap-dkms/no-headers-dependency: disagree, needs fixing
apport (#1154302): simplify patch, upload
new package sphinx3 (#1144014): fix some minor packaging issues, upload
new package sphinxtrain (#1144015): fix some packaging issues, upload
accountsservice (#1159290): upload
new package sphinx-voxforge-en (#1141942): attach some packaging fixes, point out some upload blockers, unsubscribe sponsors
accountsservice (#1156670): upload
lp:~zequence/ubuntu/quantal/jackd2/fix-for-956438: upload with fixed changelog
lp:~zequence/ubuntu/precise/jackd2/fix-for-956438: upload with fixed changelog

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