Patch pilot report 2013-03-11

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Mon Mar 11 21:12:07 UTC 2013

Patch piloting was unconventional (for me anyway :) this time due to how
things worked out -- I split it between two days. That said:

 * LP: 1145560 - OpenAFS Security Advisories 2013-001 and 2013-002
  * reviewed, build tested, uploaded, published for lucid
  * oneiric - quantal need work
 * LP: 1115053 - Multiple open vulnerabilities in tomcat7 in 12.04 and
  * this took most of my time due to the massive patchset. NAK, but
    almost an ACK - very close to being able to push it now that we
    added a testsuite target to debian/rules to the packaging, and the
    patches pass the testsuite this time around. Just need some history
    on one of the patches since I wasn't able to track down the origins
    of parts of this particular patch
 * LP: 1146637 - Sync morse-simulator 1.0.0-1~exp3 (universe) from
   Debian experimental (main) - NAK - FTBFS
 * I unsubscribed ubuntu-sponsors from a couple other bugs since there
   was nothing to do

Jamie Strandboge       

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