New ubuntu-platform@ list for APIs

Loïc Minier loic.minier at
Mon Mar 11 11:24:29 UTC 2013


As a followup to the “Add app-model and -lifecycle to platform api”
session [1], we thought it would be useful to have a mailing-list
dedicated to discuss APIs offered to apps to integrate with Unity and
Ubuntu Touch middleware (ubuntu-devel@ and ubuntu-phone@ were initially
considered).  I took an action to create a new ubuntu-platform@
mailing-list which was just created [2].

The “platform” here would be supported APIs for apps in Ubuntu Touch
(eventually also in Ubuntu Desktop).  Sample topics we would discuss on
this list:
 . API for application state and lifecycle management (application
   states, what signals does an app get when it gets suspended or
   unfocused etc.)
 . geolocation API
 . list of C libraries which we commit to include in future Ubuntu
   releases by default (e.g. libjpeg, libpng, zlib...) as an ABI
 . etc.

Please join if you’re interested!


Loïc Minier

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