reflecting on first UDS session on "rolling releases"

Scott Ritchie scott at
Thu Mar 7 18:38:30 UTC 2013

On 3/7/13 3:12 AM, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
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> Bryce Harrington wrote on 06/03/13 15:45:
>> ...
>> He means not just the core OS but also the application ecosystem.
>> In Windows the OS release is just the core OS, and then users
>> manually install newer versions of whatever applications they
>> want.
> As they do in Ubuntu, unless the application is in the core OS
> repositories.
>> (I would argue that any software project that has their act
>> together will have .debs for the LTS downloadable from their web
>> site or a PPA, or even via -backports, so in practice this isn't
>> that different. However, I believe that was the distinction he was
>> drawing.)
>> ...
> Any software project that has their act together is in MyApps. ;-)
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> mpt

Many of the relevant software projects aren't apps themselves.  Wine is 
probably a great example.

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