Monthly Updates versus Monthly Images

Barry Warsaw barry at
Wed Mar 6 03:39:25 UTC 2013

On Mar 06, 2013, at 04:12 PM, Robert Collins wrote:

>I think this is backwards: we're trying to cross the chasm; users
>don't want to have to care about updates *ever*

My observation of, let's call them my local users, backs this up.  It drives
me crazy to see the various software delivery tools (e.g. iTunes) have
*dozens* of updates available with nothing updated in months.  Worse is the
resistance I get when I suggest that it's time to update the OS or apps, not
because it takes so long to download and apply them, but because of the
risk/reward tradeoff.

There's little perceived reward in a system that might be a bit more secure,
but there's a lot of risk that some favored feature, or somewhat annoying bug
that has been carefully worked around is replaced by an even more disruptive
bug that breaks their flow and has an even more painful or unknown workaround.

I think we've just got at least two types of audiences.  One is happy that
they have something that works and works for them, and doesn't much care about
the latest and greatest.  The other wants bleeding edge coolness and can
handle the pain that goes along with that.  Or maybe: "Change is the only
constant"[1] vs. "We Fear Change"[2]. ;)



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