Let's Discuss Interim Releases (and a Rolling Release)

Stefano Rivera stefanor at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 1 21:10:30 UTC 2013

Hi Colin (2013.03.01_19:10:04_+0200)
> I wonder whether we could petition for the Canonical-only restrictions
> on devirtualised PPAs to be lifted for people in ~ubuntu-dev as a
> consequence of this release plan, and what other changes that would
> take.

Presumably devirt PPAs would have to not throw away uploads? And we'd
need a list of all the devirt PPAs.

Of course, having separate PPAs for staging unrelated changes would be
fantastic. But if we are dependent on full upload history as a buildd
audit trail, then these PPAs need to be considered part of the Ubuntu

If we want end-users on our rolling release, then we don't really have
anywhere to put things that we'd like to dogfood on our developers, but
not the users. I was thinking of that too, when I proposed a new pocket.

I feel that if we are trying to totally change our release process,
we should consider restructuring pockets, rather than shoe-horning
everything into the existing structure. Or maybe it's going to take us a
while to figure out what we want and we shouldn't be making any hasty

And yes, of course, adding new pockets would be non-trivial.


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