Legacy hardware support in MIR

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 19 05:06:11 UTC 2013

On 18.06.2013 21:10, Nedas Pekorius wrote:
> I think my question could fit in this topic also. 
> How about MIR and switchable graphics like Nvidia optimus?

Should be easier to support, since the xserver is out of the picture.
Proper hybrid support depends on kernel features that are about to land
in 3.12 I'm told.. then it's "just" a matter of providing RandR-support
in Mir and the UI/policy for switching to the offload gpu.

> As far as I know nouveau doesn't support discrete graphic chip. 

supports just fine, just that there's no way to switch on the fly with
xserver, nor is there any power management so nouveau will eat your
battery if not disabled from the BIOS or otherwise.


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