Unity APIs weekly (wk 24)

Thomas Strehl thomas.strehl at canonical.com
Tue Jun 18 15:47:00 UTC 2013


short status summary of last week:


- 13.04 scopes finally landed in saucy
- Fighting integration issues and bugfixing to get it working on the phone
- Started merging app demo scope of the phone and desktop app scope
- Prepared scopes infrastructure to be able to run multiple scopes
within one process


- Finished sound widgets
- Prepared MPs for datetime, session and power indicator


- HUD fixes for updated BAMF and GMenu based unity-gtk-module along with
other landings (13 branches)
- Discussions with Unity team on HUD requirements for their BAMF-like API
- Fixed BAMF depends so that we can have one HUD build for both Unity 7
and 8
- Setup upstart-app-launch in Jenkins, queued for review from desktop team


- All outstanding patches for new notification backend landed
- Several updates and fixes for libcolumbus and unity-api


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