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On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 3:39 PM, Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at>wrote:

> The issue isn't that Canonical engineers aren't willing to work with other
> people on integrating Mir, it's that because Mir is Ubuntu unique, has no
> stable API/ABI, conflicts with other priorities, etc., integrating Mir is
> simply not an interesting prospect for upstreams.
Mir is only going to be unique if upstreams and flavors refuse to consider
it as an option.

>From what I am reading here Thomas has been very open to discussing with
upstreams (both KDE and GNOME, and I am sure others are welcome too) how to
build Mir support. We have also worked hard to be very open and transparent
with Mir - regular status updates, discussion in #ubuntu-mir and the
mailing list, and plentiful documentation for participating in the project.
I consider that we are as open a project as Wayland and while you might use
the "broad distro support" argument, Wayland hasn't shipped on a distro
other than Rebecca Black Linux as far as I am aware. :-)

I fully understand if you don't want to work on this problem, and I also
fully understand if the KWin maintainer is uninterested in solving this
problem and would prefer to focus on Wayland, but we are doing our best to
be as open and collaborative as possible here, given the original points
raised in Jonathan's email.

I see this as a trade-off.

Jonathan raised a valid point about KDE's needs and made it clear that the
Kubuntu team would prefer not to have to maintain Wayland as a foundational
piece in order to deliver Kubuntu. Obviously this work can be performed by
the Kubuntu team (or anyone else) if they wish to do so; the archive
welcomes components that don't serve Canonical's needs.

Canonical will of course be maintaining Mir as a core piece of
infrastructure in the archive, and arguably encouraging Mir support in
upstream KDE will help to alleviate this issue, but given that the Mir team
are very open to supporting this outcome but both yourself and Jonathan are
resistant to this, I am not sure what other options there are. What I am
certain of is that Unity switching to Wayland is not an option, and
Canonical is unlikely to invest in maintaining Wayland in the archive if it
doesn't serve our needs in Ubuntu.


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