non-Unity flavours and Mir

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon Jun 17 20:05:08 UTC 2013

On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 08:01:16PM +0200, Thomas Voß wrote:
> Yup :) I think a good way forward is to coordinate a call with
> Jonathan and Martin from KWin such that we can walk through the code
> together and identify the central points that would need to be mapped
> to Mir. We can then start discussing potential solutions how to add
> KWin support for Mir.

I'm afraid I don't have interest in such a call and neither do the
KWin maintainers.  I don't know anything about the KWin codebase or
how to begin porting it to another platform.  KWin are busy porting it
to Wayland, the display server with consensus across Linux distros and
have no interest in supporting a display server with unstable API/ABI
that is only in one distro (from a company who have a track record of
not maintaining their features, we're having to drop indicator menu
support in Kubuntu because it's changed API).  Porting KWin to Mir
would take several man-months at least and ongoing maintenance and I'm
very skeptical Canonical would take that on.


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