Mir & Unity Weekly June 7th, 2013

Michał Sawicz michal.sawicz at canonical.com
Mon Jun 10 08:22:24 UTC 2013

Hey, sorry for the late weekly, here goes:

Current Team Theme

Land the Unity8-Mir integration
 - land new ui features on launcher, notifications, infographics
 - integrate dash & indicators on latest-greatest backends
 - Mir build out to support Unity8 window management needs
 - Thrash testing of Mir
 - optimizations - memory for unity8, performance for mir
As always  live action here
 - Unity blueprint [1]
 - Mir blueprint [2]
 - and all the dependent blueprints


Achieved this week
- Finished adding lttng tracepoints
- Finished modifications for performance analysis
- Added and packaged Mir stress testing tool

Shooting for next week
- Continue to support Unity 8 integration
- Android composition bypass
- Start work on Mir-Mir support (i.e. shell on system compositor)
- Support Mir-Mir in LightDM

Unity 8

Achieved this week
- Fixed all issues with notifications, clean-ups under way
- Renamed packages and binaries to unity8
- Good progress on the ListViewWithPageHeader rewrite
- Infographics landed
- Updates to i18n and build scripts
- PIN and passphrase lock in review
- Initial support for smart scopes in review
- Integration of indicators-client in Unity8 in review
- Launcher API in review

Shooting for next week
- Integration of new Notifications
- Review/land all the currently pending MRs
- Continue Unity-Mir integration work
- Finalize first iteration of Launcher API


Michał Sawicz <michal.sawicz at canonical.com>
Canonical Services Ltd.

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