[Ubuntu-phone] Status of 100 scopes and touch landing to saucy

Didier Roche didier.roche at canonical.com
Fri Jun 7 13:46:45 UTC 2013

Le 06/06/2013 18:59, Didier Roche a écrit :
> Hopefully the latest report before telling "it's in saucy now".

"It's in saucy now". \o/

When you will read those lines, the 100 scopes, unity 7 and a big chunk 
of the touch port is in saucy! Please note that most of components of 
the touch parts remains in universe.

During the night, grabbing the latest fixes for Unity 7, however, we got 
some intrusives commits with it and had to revert them (basically, bad 
reconnection with unity-panel-service if it crashed and some big 
refactoring which made unity segfaulting a lot). The good news is that 
the automated tests caught that and we had to go the revert way to find 
the culprits. No harm was done in this revert, but maybe some baguette 
has been eaten ;)

That with some NEWing and promotions to main (with some adjustments 
upload), saucy now gets all those latest goodness.

For the stats fan, here are some involved in this transition:
85 uploads to the archive was involved (83 by daily release)
36 NEW components (28 for main, 16 in universe).
38 components MIRed and promoted to main.
1 demotion to universe
3 packages removed from distro (old lenses replaced or not compatible 
with 100 scopes).

Note that 3 are rejected (mainly the touch apps) as they need some 
license fix before entering the archive.
We noticed some remarks for our upstreams of things that would be good 
to fix packaging-wise (most of them were not blockers apart from the 3 
previous mentioned components). Sebastien and I, while reviewing for 
NEWing them, made some notes available here: 
http://paste.ubuntu.com/5741741/. The ubuntu-unity integration team will 
as well help to get excellent package standard as well, fixing those.

So, we are resuming to normal daily release plan (but now to saucy) 
apart for the apps stack so that upstream can fix (without any other 
tentative upload to archive) the licensing. This one will be in manual 
publication mode, meaning that we will still have package uploaded to 
the daily build ppa and tests running. Just no publication to the archive.

Thanks to everyone involved in the landing and upstream for helping 
fixing promptly the issues we noticed!

Happy upgrade :)

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