Unity APIs weekly (wk 22)

Thomas Strehl thomas.strehl at canonical.com
Tue Jun 4 15:52:33 UTC 2013


short status summary of last week:


- 13.04 scopes still not landed in saucy, for more details see:
- Looked into go bindings for scopes. Dynamically adding go scopes into
one single process doesn't seem to be possible as go has no dlopen
functionality. Hints for possible workarounds are welcome.


- Fixed memory bugs in datetime indicator's EDS code
- Worked on syncing datetime and power indicators with IDO changes
- Put in widgets for session menu and volume slider
- Fixed bugs in qmenumodel


- Fixed HUD breakage on phone (UI stops getting updates after some time)
- Added highlighting support to HUD


- Nailed down the private shell facing launcher interfaces to unblock UI
launcher development
- Reviewed and decided on common actions API, implementation has started
by now


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