Status of 100 scopes and touch landing to saucy

Didier Roche didrocks at
Tue Jun 4 16:51:02 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

A lot of effort has been put to be able to land Unity 7 with 100 scopes 
and all the touch stacks into saucy. We'll try to have all those awaited 
and desired components landed as soon a possible to it. The excellent 
news is that we are on the finish line for it :)

With a joined cross-team effort by landing all pre-requisites (Qt, 
hybris, ofono), and switching part of the stacks, I'm currently 
rebuilding all of them (but put them in manual publishing mode for 
safety) targeting saucy, bound to otto (UTAH replacement, more on that 
later this week) to get build and tests results.
As all changes are intermixed (autopilot 1.3, new hud...), we have to 
land everything within the day or nothing. Some archive admins are ready 
to jump on every new packages appearing the new scopes that will enter 
main (touch will stay in universe for now) are already pre-MIRed.

I'm getting the first results of those rebuilds, but not everything is 
up to date yet. What I'm seeing from now blocking us are:
- some tests are failing in the apps stack, some merge requests from 
Olivier are under review as we speak.
- some packages fails to build in the indicator stack, Mathieu is 
looking at them. We'll only get tests result for indicators, hud and so 
all touch apps, and unity after that with latest and greatest
- bamf has a build-dep in universe, Mathieu is workarounding that, then, 
upstream needs to file a MIR if we want that in main.
- the more annoying part is webcredentials have some tests failing once 
switched to saucy. Some fixes already went it, but Ken and Alberto will 
finish tomorrow morning to get that under control. As touch apps are now 
depending on it, this can introduce some delays.

Some new components are coming (telepathy-ofono, dee-qt, powerd, 
dbus-cpp, location-service), but they are not on the critical path for 
this landing. They will be handled before the end of week though.

For components maintainers, just a not now that your package will enter 
ubuntu (from the daily release process):
- the automated generated changelog always list all commits and bugs 
from "last from the same source". We were before releasing in the "next" 
ppa, so you saw commit messages merged back in the changelog from the 
latest release into the next ppa
- now that the target in saucy, you will see the first upload relisting 
everything that is new to saucy, meaning all commits for new components 
(special case if you have a bootstrap commit message, it will be until 
the bootstrap) or since latest upload to raring. 
This is of course, only for the first upload, then, you will have all 
your commits listed as diff, as usual.

Happy 100 scopes and touch landing! You will get a following email once 
all is done. :)
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