Patch Pilot Report 20130603

James Page at
Mon Jun 3 12:07:06 UTC 2013

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    Fixed in saucy; security issue so pinged mdeslaur in -devel to check 
on current status.  Security team will be picking security 
updates/sponsoring up as openvpn is in main.
    Already merged; marked as done.
    Tested OK; uploaded and marked merged.
    Re-targetted to saucy as not materially impacting shutdown of mysql. 
    Already fixed in last merge from Unstable; marked accordingly and 
thanked submitter for their work.
    Commented on associated bug report; python-markdown should really be 
MIR'ed.  Commented on MP and marked WIP.
    Still clogging up the queue - asked proposer again whether they 
intend on working on this and if not requested they withdraw the MP.
    Referred proposer to Marks comments on bug report re coordinating a 
security fix with upstream.
    Uploaded and submitted back to Debian as well.
    Needs a bit more work - added some comments to the bug report.
    Branch broken and some history of dispute with upstream (now 
resolved). Asked proposer to re-base based on accepted upstream fix and 
pointed them at the packaging guide on how to work with branches.
    Uploaded - and pinged zul about status of Python3 -> Debian.

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