Unity APIs weekly (wk 27)

Thomas Strehl thomas.strehl at canonical.com
Mon Jul 8 18:12:30 UTC 2013


short update of what has been achieved the last week on the Unity APIs
and general status.

Integration of the action API into SDK has not been finished last week
as planned as we experienced quite a lot of integration related issues.
However, by end of tomorrow it should finally be done.

Translation support was added to infographics allowing proper
translation of information like "x messages received". To be able to
test the entire infographics functionality we got the camera app to push
anonymized data (number of pictures taken) to the store. In principle
everything works, but we're still missing the MR on camera app.

On the scopes side we implemented a diff algorithm allowing us to update
the results in a manner where UI can easily perform animations and thus
preventing flickering ( http://ubuntuone.com/0Z432iKJChsxGQB4dCrJHz vs
http://ubuntuone.com/6axdtmQSsDwSAO8volnb1K). We also adjusted the
filter infrastructure as, in contrast to desktop, only single select
filters will be supported on phone for 13.10. MR planned for today.

Progress on indicator side was not as good as planned due to regressions
detected during integration. MP'ed session indicator is planned to early
this week.


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