Unity APIs weekly (wk 26)

Thomas Strehl thomas.strehl at canonical.com
Mon Jul 1 15:38:55 UTC 2013

was actually week 26...


short update of what has been achieved the last week on the Unity APIs
and general status.

There has been good progress on the Unity action API, with all API
implemented and mostly documented. Test coverage is at a good level at
94%. Plan is to finish documentation and integrate API in saucy (&
device images) and SDK this week.

The infographics API was finished already a week ago. Last week backend
storage service for anonymized usage metrics was introduced and wired up
to client and infographics side. Test coverage has been increased and is
now at almost 100%.

>From feature point of view, work on HUD for 13.10 has been completed,
but due to changes on the underlying platform, especially related to
Unity 8, the one or other crash comes up or functionality breaks.
Another two of those issues were fixed last week.

On the scopes side we have now all the bits and pieces available to
group multiple Python scopes into one process and with that considerably
lower the resource needs. Actual grouping of the scopes will be done
this week. We also started working concretely on the music scope for the
phone which will be slightly different to the one on the desktop due to
unavailability of Rythmbox as music data provider.

Backend for datetime indicator merged last week. Still some smaller todo
items and further increase of test coverage left. Final merge of session
and sound indicator had some integration issues and about to be pushed.
Looking forward, we expect bluetooth and sync indicators by end of week
28, location by week 30. Messaging menu scheduled for week 28. Biggest
remaining item is still network indicator which is expected to land only
in August (judging from current velocity).


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