Going mobile in 2013

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 4 19:33:03 UTC 2013

Hi Mark!

On 04/01/13 07:56 AM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> You are at the heart of the most important bastion of free software
> today - giving the world a genuinely free platform for innovation and
> everyday computing. We can all be very proud of what we have built together.

Well, firstly, kudos on getting the word out there and making noise 
about this. Choosing a quiet time of the year seems to have worked 
awesomely for getting exposure in mainstream media. It seems to have 
worked so much better than pretty much anything else bang-for-buck that 
exists in terms of advertising.

> Today begins a new phase for Ubuntu, and it's a phase that requires our
> leadership. We are moving beyond our original goal of delivering
> existing free software, to creating whole new ecosystems. We have all
> the tools we need:
>   * strong governance and values
>   * great infrastructure
>   * a commitment to quality and design
>   * world class foundations
>   * community spirit and corporate professionalism, across all members of
> the team

I think any rational person will agree with the above points, but I'd 
also like to point out that some of these areas still have great 
potential for improvement. I don't think it's completely healthy to sit 
back and get complacent about governance and values because I see huge 
problems in the Ubuntu community that I believe should be addressed.

I've been tempted to list those issues here but I don't think it's the 
right place. I do think that there should be some good pushes to have 
some processes better defined and also what the Ubuntu community is, 
because as a long time community member, it's even getting hard for me 
to explain to outsiders.

> Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and *create*. Think of an app or
> system feature that you think is really important to have, apply what
> we've learned about design thinking and your own imagination to find
> elegant, new, fresh ways to deliver that capability, and join us in
> shaping something that can take the world by storm. Start at
> developer.ubuntu.com and unleash your creativity, rigour and expertise.

Will do and will encourage others to do the same. The choice of qml and 
Qt5 seems really solid. Maybe the Ubuntu phone could be the next 
"N9"-like phone that everyone wants but doesn't exist.

> Our mission has always been "for human beings". As a mobile platform, we
> can reach vastly more of the world than ever before. And as the platform
> which is pioneering convergence, we can provide the next generation with
> smart phones that are also their gateway to the full world of free
> software - a PC in their pocket, a cloud development environment that
> can help new innovators create a new world of apps. That's profoundly
> important work. You have all already earned your place at the table in
> Ubuntu - we've learned to trust each other, respect each other and work
> well together. That's a unique foundation for a free, open, mobile
> platform. This is going to be amazing.

It's certainly a big, hairy and audacious goal by anyone's standards and 
hopefully there will be some wonderful cross-pollination coming from 
this across many projects!

Good luck and have fun :)


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