Let's Discuss Interim Releases (and a Rolling Release)

Scott Ritchie scott at open-vote.org
Thu Feb 28 23:47:21 UTC 2013

On 2/28/13 12:44 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> About the term "Interim Releases":
> There's no such thing in Ubuntu.  We have regular releases and LTS releases
> and until some decision has been made, I think those are the appropriate
> terms.  If this is actually a discussion, I think people should avoid
> referring to our current releases as interim as that is a completely
> inaccurate and prejudicial way to describe them.
> Scott K

Perhaps it might also be correct to not refer to the "rolling release" 
as a release at all, but simply the current development version.

I'm going to propose we just have LTS releases and a current development 
version (perhaps with snapshots).

The development version wouldn't be "unsupported", per se, as our policy 
for any supported version is to first fix it in development.

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