Upstart user session available for testing

Marco Trevisan marco.trevisan at
Wed Feb 20 13:11:01 UTC 2013

Il giorno mar, 19/02/2013 alle 17.16 -0500, Stéphane Graber ha scritto:
> Hello,
> The foundations team has been working on Upstart User Sessions for a
> good part of this cycle. An early preview is now available for testing.
> Upstart user sessions basically mean that instead of having lightdm
> spawn Xsession which in turn spawn gnome-session, upstart is now
> inserted between Xsession and gnome-session.
> This means that bits of gnome-session can now be turned into user jobs,
> can react on any event coming from the system wide upstart daemon and
> can be monitored/respawned just like system jobs are.
> The idea behind this work is to allow for fewer long lasting processes
> on the Ubuntu desktop by having more event driven short lasting
> processes. It should also help with the perceived stability of the
> desktop thanks to upstart's respawn feature.

Cool, all this looks (and it is from a first test) awesome! :)

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