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Steve Payne srp at iamsrp.com
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As an external, lurking, yet interested third party I have a comment from that
perspective. Please take this with whatever amount of salt you deem appropriate.

While it's quite possible to go through the status pages and mailing list posts
to get a feeling for where things are it might also be nice to have some
meta-commentary on the effort in a single location. (A "Nexus 7 Development
Blog", if you will.) Something along the lines of,

Over the past two weeks a lot of work has been focused on the memory footprint
of the OS. We've seen a lot of improvement in foo and bar but baz is still
something which needs to be addressed. One gotcha we encountered with this was
that a lot of housekeeping applications are written in in sanskrit and the
interpreter is very CPU and memory heavy; we intend to port these to C.

In the coming few weeks it's hoped to have the memory footprint under control
the focus will shift to the interface level where using the internal camera to
support 'look for focus' is going to be the biggest challenge. We'll also be
working on blah, blah-blah and blah-blah-blah at the same time.

I think that would help give readers (both internal and external) some idea of
the bigger picture and context for what is being worked on, as well as a notion
of priorities and so forth.

On another note, I will say that I think the Nexus 7 Ubuntu effort is Really
Great (tm) and something which I find very welcome and exciting. So, thanks to
all, for their effort on it; I, for one, appreciate it.


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Hey everybody,

Just a small reminder: we will keep having weekly status update meetings 
(friday, 16UTC in #ubuntu-meeting) about the Ubuntu mobile/nexus effort.

There is no defined agenda at the moment (we could set a page for that 
on the wiki if there is a demand for it) so we will just do a round of 
updates through the teams. If you have anything you would like to see 
discussed feel free to join the meeting or to reply to the email on the 

Sebastien Bacher

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