[nexus] Weekly summary 2013-02-01

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 1 18:12:37 UTC 2013

Hey everybody,

This week was a pretty good and productive one for the nexus/"make 
ubuntu fit for mobile", so I figured that it would be good to 
communicate a bit about the great work that landed in raring and 
encourage others to join us!

Improvements that landed in raring included:
- Working screen rotation on the nexus
- Working bluetooth for the nexus
- Several leaks fixed in our desktop components (libdbusmenu, 
update-notifier, upower, whoopsie, ...)
- More accurate reporting of the power usage/battery charge of the nexus
- Improvement to the cpufreq scheduler
- Lightdm PPS going from 25.7M to 0.6M
- Some processes were changed to exit-on-idle and be restarted-on-demand 
rather than running all the time (signond, signon-ui)
- We saw code optimization in several of our desktop services
- gnome-settings-daemon plugins got reviewed and some have been turned 
off in the default installation (with some extra ones in the nexus setup)
- some progress was made on the "sound not working until using 
suspend/resume" bug
- gnome-online-account was dropped from the default installation, which 
should be one less process running on an Unity desktop (it's not needed 
there since ubuntu-online-account is used instead)
- probably many others I overlooked or forgot to mention ;-)

Thanks all for the great work!

ogra reported during the weekly IRC meeting that the idle memory use on 
his nexus when from 600M to under 400M with the recent efforts, 
impressive isn't it?

Let's built on the momentum and make the next weeks as productive as 
this one! ;-)

Sebastien Bacher

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