Patch pilot report 2013-12-20

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Fri Dec 20 19:27:57 UTC 2013

 * review libvirt-python: NAK, several packaging problems, FTBFS
Needs fixing (Debian wants a slightly different patch)
 * lp:~hloeung/ubuntu/trusty/pollen/depend-on-ent - reject (recommends is the
correct dependency declaration)
 * typo3-src: fake sync for raring (stretch to call this patch piloting, but I
   did it anyway since it only took a few minutes :)
 * LP: 1262440 - review, coordinate landing ask
Needs fixing. reviewed the profile and it is reasonable, but we shouldn't enable
the profile by default. Advise on packaging changes

I was reluctant with it being Friday before the holidays to upload a bunch of
stuff that could break without people being around to clean up with there was a
problem (like the various merge requests). So in addition to the above, I did
some 'operation cleansweep' type activities on some old bugs to round out my time.

Jamie Strandboge       

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