Phasing of Stable Release Updates

Brian Murray brian at
Wed Aug 7 21:14:49 UTC 2013

For some time[1] we've wanted to phase, gradually roll out, updates to
expanding subsets of Ubuntu users so that we may monitor for regressions
and stop the update process if there are any.  The support for phased
updates has existed in update-manager for a while, but we did not have
the server side part implemented.  Thanks to the work of Colin Watson,
Evan Dandrea, and myself this is now done.

This is initially enabled for Ubuntu 13.04 and going forward will apply
to any packages being released to -updates.  Uploaders of SRUs to 13.04
may receive an e-mail from me regarding regressions found in their
uploads.  The e-mail will contain details about the issue and whom to
contact about the issue, although I'm probably the best point of contact
right now.

Further details regarding the process can be found in my blog post:


Brian Murray

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