indicator-weather broken, should we drop it from raring?

Barry Warsaw barry at
Fri Apr 19 18:25:09 UTC 2013

On Apr 19, 2013, at 06:36 PM, Sebastien Bacher wrote:

>I guess you have a configured indicator with your location, right? ;-)

I do!  But I fear I might forget my umbrella the next time I travel out of my
home location. :)

>The current bug makes impossible to configure it/add a location, so it's
>basically useless as a new package to install (or you need to get the woeid
>code and tweak the config by hand, but if you do that you can probably as
>well get the package from a ppa or launchpad library).
>The users who have it installed can keep it, nothing is going to remove it
>from your system because we drop it from the archive.

That's a good point.  Given that as a fresh install, it's currently pretty
useless, I suppose it makes sense to remove it.  OTOH, I don't like making
this decision so close to the release.  Isn't there a chance that someone will
be motivated to do an SRU to fix the most egregious problems later?


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