Intention to drop Wubi from 13.04 release

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> On Tue, Apr 09, 2013 at 04:09:35PM +0100, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> > On 8 April 2013 18:01, bcbc bcbc <openbcbc at> wrote:
> > > It's hard to make an informed decision without knowing the usage stats
> of
> > > Wubi. If it's quite low then I expect there'd be little impact, but if
> it's
> > > popular then it's taking a low-risk installation method away from
> users who
> > > might otherwise not have tried Ubuntu. Does Canonical have any
> statistics on
> > > this?
> > >
> >
> > The point that it's not low-risk any more. It can cause data-loss on
> > windows 8 side when it's hibernated.
> I can't find the original article right now, but I recently read a
> gaming blog where some random journalist had attempted to install
> Steam inside of a Wubi Ubuntu installation. His readers mercilessly
> flamed him as being essentially a total idiot (because everybody "just
> knows" that Wubi is *incredibly* terrible), and so he was forced to
> try it again without Wubi. Had he not been a journalist, he would have
> simply given up on Wubi and written Ubuntu off as an unstable product.
> The unfortunate reality is that if Wubi is your first experience with
> Ubuntu, you're likely to come to the conclusion that Ubuntu is an
> unstable mess, when really it's the fact that Windows is an unstable
> base underneath your Ubuntu that is causing the problems (but you
> don't know that). Wubi is basically a disaster and is generating a lot
> of negative associations with Ubuntu in novice's minds.
> Here's an alternate page where "Don't use Wubi" is given as the number
> one piece of advice for getting Steam to run on Ubuntu:
> In short, Wubi needs to die a quick and painless death so we can get
> on with providing positive experiences to new users of Ubuntu.
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​I agree with the fact that Wubi should die. recently a friend of mine
installed Ubuntu inside Windows 7 using Wubi and after a couple of days
Ubuntu was no longer usable (it won't even boot)​.

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