Coverity static analysis for C, C++ and Java code

James Hunt james.hunt at
Mon Apr 8 12:13:57 UTC 2013

As a precis of my earlier blog post [1], I'd like to encourage those involved
with a C, C++ or Java project in Ubuntu to take a look at the Coverity Scan
static-analysis service offered free to OSS projects [2].

We're already using it for critical packages including Upstart and Whoopsie [3],
but it would be great to expand its scope to make it use the norm rather than
the exception.

For those who have either never used static analysis tools, or have simply never
used Coverity, don't fall into the trap of thinking that "gcc -pedantic -Wall"
should be good enough for anyone - it simply is not.

Kind regards,


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James Hunt
#upstart on freenode

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