CFT: new Mesa 9.1.1

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at
Fri Apr 5 22:37:08 UTC 2013


  The Ubuntu X team has prepared a new Mesa release for raring. The
reason why it hasn't been uploaded before is that it had a known
regression on newer intel hw (at least gen6 & 7) causing issues with
KWin and Unity; the blur effect was so slow that in Unity the dash took
some seconds to open instead of happening ~instantly. Upstream fixed
that recently, so we think the new version could enter raring now
despite being so late in the release cycle.

The FFe bug is:

and the package is available for testing on a ppa:

if you test it and find new bugs, please report them with 'ubuntu-bug
mesa' and add a pointer to the FFe bug. Feel free to add a note to the
FFe bug if it's working fine for you, with a description of the gfx hw
you have. Give it a proper beating over the weekend, we'll evaluate the
feedback on Monday!



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