Patch pilot report 13/04/03

Didier Roche didrocks at
Wed Apr 3 09:22:54 UTC 2013


here are the results from my shift:
-> compiz SRU for quantal, tested and sponsored
-> set to WIP, no way to find the new upstream tarball compared to what 
we got in the distro, ask for precision
-> set to WIP, procedure, and backport not respected. Explained on how 
to get it following them.
-> already handled by our upstream, removed from the list from clarity
-> was nacked by the security team, removed from the sponsor list
-> set it back to WIP as the UIFe is not acked yet. Told to set back for 
review once acked.
-> set it to WIP, needs UIFe, pointed to the procedure.
-> sponsored

Did some newing work:
- classicmenu-indicator
- ibus-cangjie
- pycangjie


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