Patch pilot report 2013-04-01

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Mon Apr 1 20:29:11 UTC 2013

 * LP: 1115053 - Multiple open vulnerabilities in tomcat7 in 12.04 and
   11.10 - this took most of my time due to a big patchset (though not
    as big as the 11.10 one last month. This month was about verifying
    the submitter's testsuite failures as intermittent (with effort,
    determined they were). review, ACK, upload
 * LP: 1160893 - Unchecked access to SpiderMonkey’s JavaScript
   nativeHelper function: review, ACK, upload
 * LP: 1161953 - gnome-language-selector crashed with TypeError in
   _expand_pkg_pattern(): not enough arguments for format string: ACK,
 * LP: 1155327 - patch to update package to LD_PRELOAD workaround for
   skype to paper over qtwebkit regression. NAK
 * reviewed a few other bugs, and tried to push things along

Jamie Strandboge       

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