Patch pilot report, 2012-09-10

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Sep 10 09:54:05 UTC 2012

Hello all,

during my sponsoring shift I reduced the queue from 92 to 60 items.

review all outstanding sync requests, process the actionable ones
review 11 "typo fix" MPs; one was appropriate for upload, reject the others which apply to obsolete/removed/unmodified packages
lp:~mvo/software-properties/dep8/+merge/121378: first iteration needed fixing, sort out with mvo
sane-backends (#918774): test patches, forward to upstream, upload
onboard (#1041303): needs to be re-done against current quantal package
lp:~radumstoica/ubuntu/quantal/cdi2iso/no-homepage-field-fix: upload
lp:~radumstoica/ubuntu/quantal/cim-schema/no-homepage-field-fix: upload
java-gnome (#1043558): upload to precise-proposed
gnome-power-manager (#951827): upload, forward patch to upstream, and commit it upstream
texinfo (#1046978): upload
lp:~roadmr/ubuntu/quantal/checkbox/0.14.5: upload
gnome-pkg-tools SRU (#953392): upload
lp:~radumstoica/ubuntu/quantal/fonts-arphic-uming/font-config-fix: fix to be a proper patch, upload


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