UDS-R: Let's talk about GSoC

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 20:29:39 UTC 2012

Ubuntu participated in Google Summer of Code two years ago, with some
excellent results, but we have not participated since then. Let's talk
about GSoC and think about laying the foundations for a really rocking
application in 2013.

I will be participating remotely at UDS-R (from a particularly troublesome
time zone), so I won't be able to run a session - but I would definitely
like to help with one. So, this is my attempt to gauge interest and to find
a hero who can lead us to victory!

Last year, it looked like Ubuntu's application was kind of hurt because
there weren't a whole lot of clear goals, and many of the suggested
projects would be better handled at their respective upstreams. I think we
should talk about we would like to achieve with a program like GSoC. This
is different from something like the paper cuts initiative. Good project
ideas tend to be significant, yet scoped well enough that someone new to
Ubuntu development can happily complete them under a deadline.

GSoC is a long way off, but UDS is a great opportunity to get it in
peoples' heads so we can hit the ground running this time, with lots of
potential mentors and interesting ideas. Even if GSoC doesn't happen, I
think this discussion could lead to some useful resources for new
developers who want to make unique contributions to Ubuntu.

Any thoughts are appreciated :)

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