When should Python 3.3 become the default?

Rodney Dawes rodney.dawes at canonical.com
Fri Oct 19 21:53:17 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-10-19 at 13:18 -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> So if you're trying to support precise-raring in a
> single codebase that's currently python2-only, it would be better to focus
> on 2.7+3.3 and ignore 3.2 entirely.

For anyone shipping code via .debs or in a PPA though, it's much easier
to manage if it works across the board, so you can just build packages
for the python2 bits and the python3 bits on all necessary versions of
Ubuntu. This is a bit more important for libs than apps though. Apps
should really just shove all their modular code pieces into a private
directory and tweak sys.path in their main script to look at that
private path; and then just generally not care about the more difficult
bits of dealing with Python packaging.

For example, I had one debian/ directory for dirspec which could build
the packages for both Python 2 and 3, for all supported Ubuntu versions
from Lucid forward (minus Natty, which had some very weird issue with
the way py3versions worked, and caused the build to fail).

Generally I agree, but I think the differences are minimal for most
people, and really only matter for a small subset of very specific use
cases, as Barry mentioned with respect to the return of u''.

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