Patch pilot report 2012-10-15

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Tue Oct 16 08:59:32 UTC 2012


On 16.10.2012 10:49, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> I was doing something different. I was opening r-series task, and
> won't fixing q-series task for bugs. To me, that seemed more clear
> what needs to happen.

I agree that it's more clear. Still I think I'd prefer to just use a tag
as a general Ubuntu task always means "the development release", so
there's no need to have separate teams (do we have separate roles?) or
separate milestones/series tasks - which might be harder to use for
people who are not in ~ubuntu-bug-control.

> While the bugs are somewhat manageable, the branches are slight more difficult.
> At the r-series opening, the current nickname lp:ubuntu/package will
> actually be turned into nickname lp:ubuntu/quantal/package of the
> actual branch name. That also mean that all the "work in progress"
> branches will suddenly become SRUs. So somehow on day 0 it would be
> nice to reject & re-propose all merge proposals that: (i) target into
> lp:ubuntu/quantal/package AND (ii) top of the debian/changelog is
> targeting quantal. This should roughly prevent re-targeting real SRUs
> to r-series.

I agree this is much more of a problem. Still I think it'd be great if
we could be VERY pragmatic here and just take those merge proposals,
update the changelog entry ourselves and go upload it and (if necessary,
have somebody) mark the branch as merged. I wouldn't like us to 1) ask
new contributors to follow a new process or 2) wait for somebody to
write a tool for us which reproposes everything.

In my mind, the more we just do the obvious and make it work for the
contributor, the better. :-)

> but.... a generic approach might be:
> "~ubuntu-next-series-sponsors" which is subscribed to bugs & asked to
> review branch proposals, with a mass
> s/ubuntu-next-series-sponsors/ubuntu-sponsors/ are archive opening.

As I said above, I think I'd prefer to unsubscribe and use a tag, but
maybe there are disadvantages I didn't think of.

This is a very useful discussion and I hope it'll help us keep the queue
more manageable.

Have a great day,

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