Ubuntu 12.10 Kernel Version

Leann Ogasawara leann.ogasawara at canonical.com
Thu Oct 11 05:04:12 UTC 2012

Hi All,

Now that we are past the Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal 12.10 Kernel Freeze, the Ubuntu Kernel Team felt this would be an appropriate time to officially confirm and announce that the Ubuntu 12.10 kernel will be based on the upstream v3.5 Linux kernel [1].  Going forward, we'll continue to update the Ubuntu 12.10 kernel with the latest upstream v3.5.y Linux stable kernel releases.  For those seeking the specific details of all the changes provided in the Ubuntu 12.10 kernel, please refer to the ubuntu-quantal git repository [2].  We've also categorized the Ubuntu specific changes in our QKernelDeltaReview wiki for anyone interested [3].

The Ubuntu Kernel Team

[1] http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v3.x/linux-3.5.tar.gz
[2] http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-quantal.git;a=summary
[3] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Specs/QKernelDeltaReview

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