Hundred Papercuts project ideas

Chris Wilson notgary at
Mon Oct 8 12:53:19 UTC 2012

Hi there all,

Sorry for the blanket email to so many lists, but this is an area where I
think many different people in the community would be able to contribute
many different great ideas.

Over the month of October, a discussion is taking place into how best to
revive the Hundred Papercuts project, and ideas are being gathered on
this<> wiki
page and discussed on the mailing list of the Papercuts Ninja
Launchpad team<>.
We already have a lot of great ideas to try out, but we want as many as we
can get, and different people from across the community can bring different
points of view to the table.

Everybody in the community is invited to suggest ideas on the wiki page, no
matter how crazy or radical they may sound - we're not discarding anything
until it's first been discussed. Please head on over to the wiki page, have
a read through the existing ideas and add your own to the bottom. At the
end of this month, we're going to go through what's there and pick out the
best ones to become the foundation of the new Hundred Papercuts project.

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