Starting off R blueprints and cleaning up Q ones.

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at
Tue Oct 2 21:47:43 UTC 2012

Dear Developers,

    After tracking down and resolving several blueprints that weren't 
labeled properly so they'd get into the list[1] for R series and UDS
planning,  it seemed like a refresher of the conventions to use
might be appropriate.  ;)

    When registering a blueprint,  most efficient way to get it created
and sorted into the right place is to "Register a Blueprint" from
r-series page [1].  Some conventions to follow:
   * Name: of blueprint should be of the form <track>-r-<topic name>
   * Propose for sprint: "Ubuntu Developer Summit-R"
   * Click on propose for series goal

   There are also some draft conventions[2] for the content to put in
the blueprint that will permit automation.  There will be a separate
email to discuss those further.  Would like to come to closure on this
at UDS-R on standard format for all of us to use, so we can start making
effective use of bots to help with the housekeeping tasks...

   And on that note ;),  could approvers and assignees of blueprints,
please take a pass through the current set of blueprints [3], and make
sure they all are up to date by 10/4 1200 UTC.   We'll be using the
information in them to generate the first pass of the 12.10 Release
Notes, and only picking up information from those marked "Beta
Available" or "Complete".   Specifically we'll be looking for text in
the "Release Note:" section of the whiteboard.  If a line item is
clearly now not going to make it,  please mark it as postponed.

 We'll be using [5] to summarize the feedback and results of working
with the prototype this release,  possibly spinning out a separate
blueprint to continue the evolution,  based on feedback added.   As you
work through the blueprints, and other issues emerge, feel free to add
them to the Whiteboard on [5].

Thanks for your help with this,


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