Patch pilot report 2012-11-30

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Fri Nov 30 17:14:57 UTC 2012

Well, my patch piloting time was quite busy, but you wouldn't know it
from this report:

 * LP: #1084109 - spent considerable time on this
  * review new upstream version for owncloud. Upstream changes were
  * Try to make heads or tails of the submitted new upstream package.
  * Then reviewed an alternate merge debdiff which was incomplete. NAK
  * Prepare simple merge from Debian (only delta was changing a
    Suggests to Recommends)
  * Coordinate testing with the submitter
  * After package verification, publish to quantal-security
  * (also requested CVEs on oss-security since there weren't any
    allocated for these issues)
 * LP: #1083416 (3 reviews for the price of 1!)
  * review/sponsor patch for oneiric
   * review that the Fedora patch used in the update was appropriate
   * build/compare/verify/ACK/upload after fixing the version
  * review/sponsor patch for precise
   * review upstream patch
   * build/compare/verify/ACK/upload after fixing the version
  * review/spnsor patch for quantal
   * build/compare/verify/ACK/upload after fixing the version

Jamie Strandboge       

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